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Original title: Most na kraju svijeta
English title:The Bridge at The End of the World
Feature fiction film / duration: 114 min. / Genre: Thriller

Country and year of production: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, 2014
Production: Artizana film
Coproduction: HRT – Hrvatska radiotelevizija, Croatia (Goran Radman), Kinematografska kuća, Serbia (Petar Jevtić), HEFT produkcija, BiH (Almir Šahinović), Dari films, France (Zoran Tasić)
Technical specs: DCP 2K FLAT 1:85 Audio 5.1
Original language: Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian
Subtitles: English

Director: Branko Ištvančić
Screenwriter: Josip Mlakić
Producer: Irena Škorić
Director of photography: Branko Cahun
Editor: Veljko Segarić
Music composer: Dalibor Grubačević
Art director: Zvonko Sarić
Costume designer: Felicita Glavaš
Make up: Bianka Žugelj

Aleksandar Bogdanović, Sanja Radišić, Boro Stjepanović, Slaven Knezović, Jelena Perčin, Vlatko Dulić, Nela Kocsis, Đorđe Kukuljica, Slobodan Ćustić, Bora Nenić, Mijo Pavelko, Draško Zidar, Rada Mrkšić, Nikša Kušelj, Mile Ognjenović i dr.

The film "The Bridge at the End of the World" deals with the unfortunate human destinies from the war in Croatia. In fear of the return of Serbian refugees to their houses in which they lived before the war and that in the meantime populated with Croat refugees from Bosnia, an old man disappears, and the investigation that starts from a police officer who lives in Serbian house, will become more personal.

When the Croatian War of Independence ended, some villages of Bosnian Croats have been destroyed, and the refugees were re-housed in the homes of Croatian Serbs who had left Croatia. Now however, the Serbian owners are returning, and the Croatian residents face an uncertain future. Anger and hostility arise. Intolerance towards the returning Serbs lurks around every corner and they are welcomed with gunfire from AK-47s. Somewhere in this atmosphere of terror, an old man called Jozo, a Bosnian Croat, disappears without a trace. The police officer Filip, who also lives in a Serbian house, is entrusted with the case. Everyone believes that a returning Serb has murdered Jozo, but Filip launches a detailed investigation, determined to be unbiased and fair, even though he has his own ghosts from the past to deal with.

About director - Branko Istvancic

Branko Istvancic was born in Subotica. He was graduated film and TV direction in 1999 at Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Making his first, documentary films on 8 mm camera at 15 with his first Hungarian film teacher Zoltan Siflis from Subotica, he has continuously been involved with documentary films and has received Croatian as well as international rewards for his work - The Grand Prix at Croatian Short and Documentary Film Festival, "Oktavijan" and "Zlatna Uljanica" Golden Oil-lamp award being among them. His student short fiction Saying Goodbye / Rastanak (1993) was included in the New Direction program of The First Film Foundation in London, a selection of six outstanding films by promising European directors in 1993. The critics consider his film The Cormorant Scarecrow / Plasitelj Kormorana (1998) to be one of the best Croatian documentaries of the nineties. His debut The Ghost in the Swamp / Duh u mocvari was a domestic box-office hit and has been chosen to mark the comeback of feature-length films for children which have not been made by the Croatian film industry for the last twenty years. He is member of Croatian Film Director's Guild.

SAYING GOODBYE / RASTANAK, ADU, Croatia, 1993, short fiction film, 8 min., 16 mm
First Film Foundation from London selected for their program New Directions 1993.

THE CORMORANT SCARECROW / PLASITELJ KORMORANA, 1998, documentary, 30 min., 16/35 mm
Grand Prix Croatian Film Festival Zagreb 1998
Best Documentary in Croatia 1998
Oktavijan Award of Croatian Film Critic's Guild

WELLMAN / BUNARMAN, HRT, Croatia, 2003, documentary, 30 min., Digital BETA
Best Director Croatia 2003, Best Documentary in Croatia 2003
Best Director Buchurest Romania 2003, Best Documentary Siena Italy 2003
SILVERDOC, USA, 2004 official selection
Sarajevo film festival 2004 official selection and more of 30 festivals

THE GHOST IN THE SWAMP / DUH U MOCVARI, Interfilm, 2006, feature, 90 min., HD/35 mm
Croatian box-office hit in cinemas, Best Director Italy 2009, official selection on more of 30 festivals (Cinekid 2007, LEFFIS 2007, Munchen 2007, Carrousel 2007, Olympia 2007, Nueva Mirada 2008 etc.)

RECYCLING / RECIKLIRANJE, Propeler film, Croatia, 2010, short fiction, 15 min., HD/35 mm
(in omnibus full-length feature fiction film "Zagreb Stories"), in official selection of more intl. festivals (Cinemed 2010, Mediawave 2011, Goldenboll 2012, Short Shorts 2013 etc.)

ALBUM / ALBUM, Factum, 2011, documentary, 52 min., Super 8 mm / Digital beta
Zagrebdox 2011, Alpe Adria film festival Trieste 2012, KARAMA human rights film festival Jordan 2013

FROM GRAIN TO PAINTING / OD ZRNA DO SLIKE, Croatia and Serbia, 2012, doc., 75 min., HD
Zagrebdox (official selection) Croatia 2012
Audience Award Fibula film festival Sisak Croatia 2012
Fingal film festival Dublin Ireland (official selection) 2013
Grand Prix and Best Director film festival Trsat Croatia 2013
Gold Camera award for best documentary Los Angeles USA 2013
Grand Prix International Ethnographic Film Festival Zlatna Romania 2013
Prix Jury Arts&film international festival Telc Czech Republic 2013
Liliane Stewart Prize International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA), Montreal, 2014

Artizana film, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, 2014, feature, 114 min., DCP

MIDNIGHT GRAY / PONOCNO SIVO, Artizana film, Croatia, 2014, short fiction, 15 min., DCP


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